"Marcellus' I Am Canadian"
15 months
6 weeks
5 weeks
Diesel  - was born on July 1, 2004 (hence the registered name of "I Am Canadian"!).  All the puppies from
He is a son to Justice & Kahlua.  He carries East German, Czech and Belgian working lines.  He weighs in at
about 110lbs and is now fully matured.  

Diesel has now  replaced his father as my main stud dog and he has some big shoes to fill!

The blue spots on his tongue means he carries the all black gene, IE. He can sire all black pups.  Breeding
to Isis (who is all black) should produce some very dark, beautiful dogs!
Sept '06 - Now that Diesel is 2 years old, I took him in to get his hips and elbows x-rayed a few days ago.  
The veterinarian said he has an excellent right elbow, excellent left elbow, excellent left hip and a good
right hip.  Now this is the vet's opinion and is not the official rating.  (Although I was very happy to hear the
vets opinion!)
Oct. 06 - IT'S OFFICIAL!  I received confirmation that Diesel has PASSED his hip and elbow clearances!  I
clear my dogs with the OVC.  OVC stands for Ontario Veterinary College.  It is the Canadian version of OFA
that most people hear of.  I always try to stay "Canadian" if at all possible.

There's always a little bit of worry that goes with those X-rays!  I have purchased dogs from other kennels,
that haven't passed.  I had hopes of putting them into my breeding program, but without the certification,
they turned out to be very expensive pets.  I'm looking forward to continuing the Guardian Angel tradition
of good dogs!  He should follow in the footsteps of his Grandmother and Father, and produce some
excellent partners for life!  
Diesel welcoming a visitor!
Diesel, as with all my German Shepherds, does not have an over-angulated or roached back.  
Please see my Work vs Show page for more details.
Diesel at the Red Deer Dog Show
At the Show
Obviously not stressed by
the show!
Diesel, Liberty & I representing the Canadian Assoc. of Profession Pet
Dog Trainers at the Calgary Pet Expo  April 12, 2008
At the CAPPDT booth
On The Run!
I am heartbroken to tell you that Diesel passed away from injuries resulting from jumping a 7 foot chain link fence.  
Something he did previously on many occasions.  He was funny that way.  If I put him in the back yard he would jump the
fence then lie directly on the other side.  As if to say:  "Just so you know I could leave if I want to."  He would always lay just on
the other side of the fence.  He would never wander off.  He just wanted me to know he was in control of things! LOL!  

On this occasion he must have twisted coming down and he broke his back while I was running errands.  He was amazingly
mobile and loaded himself in the car to the vet.  As the swelling increased it was obvious that he had hurt himself very badly.  
X-rays confirmed multiple fractures in his spine.  He was euthanized before the pain got too bad.  He was only 6 years old.

We will miss you terribly Big Guy. Gone too soon. You were one in a million.