Eagle Hill Obedience Club - Where People & Pets become Partners!

Eagle Hill Obedience Club
Where People & Pets become Partners!
Since 1992

Established in 1992, Eagle Hill Obedience Club has been very  
successful in creating happy dogs and happy owners. We pride
ourselves in establishing a partnership between pet and owner  that
will last a lifetime.

Located in a beautiful country setting, EHOC offers indoor classes
from March to December. Basic pet obedience for novice
dog owners is our specialty. Starting with Puppy Kindergarten,  learn
the basic commands from a puppy's point of view. Learn to
think like a dog to understand why they do the things they do.  After
initial socialization and basic household manners, you may
like to follow up with our Beginner's Course. This allows you to
expand on the basics so you can enjoy the companionship of
your dog on holidays or at a friend's.

If you would like to continue your journey of partnership, you can  go
on to Advanced Obedience Classes. This includes Novice,
Open and Utility. After completion with your dog you will be qualified
to compete in Canadian Kennel Club trials.

Many of our students and dogs have attained Canadian Kennel Club
obedience titles but more importantly, lives have been
saved. Many "last chance" dogs have gone on to live happy lives  
after graduation. By learning more about your dog and how he
thinks, many serious problems can be overcome, or better yet,  
prevented.   Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer
questions before and after class. We also supply post-course
support. We use motivational training methods combined with a
common sense
approach to attain a well socialized and trained house dog. Our  
classes are recommended by veterinarians and our club has
been used for Hearing Ear Dog partnership training.

EHOC is a small, personal club that promotes good sportsmanship,
good training and good fun!

PUPPY KINDERGARTEN: (3-5 months old)Four week class meets
on Tuesday night. Puppy socialization, housebreaking, basic
commands for puppies (Sit, Down, Come, Stay), leash training
and problem solving (jumping, digging, barking, biting, chewing).
Includes recess!

BEGINNER'S OBEDIENCE: (6 months and older)Six week class
meets on Tuesday nights. Basic commands (Sit, Down, Stay,
Stand, Come, Heel) and problem solving.                 

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE: (Prerequisite courses
required)Ongoing classes meets on Wed. nights. Refining
Basics, off-leash, jumping, retrieving, preparation for obedience


Good Sportsmanship, Good Training & Good Fun!
EHOC doing a demonstration at our local elementary school

Where People & Pets become Partners!
Two High in Class ribbons & his Companion Dog Obedience Title in one day!
First Shiba Inu in Canada to obtain
her Companion Dog Title
Justice receiving his Companion
Dog Title as well as two First Place
Ribbons all in one day!
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The differences between working Shepherds and show Shepherds
Angels with their new families
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Near the corner of 52nd Ave and 52nd Street!
Between the Olds Municipal Library and the Olds Sportsplex.
Small brown building set in off the street.
Welcome to my world!  This is my life!  Always surrounded by dogs.  Big dogs, little dogs and
desire is to be able to share some of the joy dogs have given me over the years, with you.  It
takes commitment on your part but if you're willing, I'm here to help every step of the way.  I'm
here to help you succeed!  

Eagle Hill Obedience Club, where People and Pets become Partners!
Member in Good Standing