German Shepherd Information
a dog with no equal.

Think about it.  What other breed can take down a man with a
gun and can be a blind person's eyes.  I can think of no other
breed who is as versatile as the German Shepherd.
There are many places on the Internet that can give you the history of the
German Shepherd so I will not bore you with the same information.  Below
Shepherd Dog.
What IS the German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is:

A family dog,   a partner,   a working dog  He is  loyal,  brave,  protective
but not aggressive,  a dog who needs to be part of the family and
involved in your life, a dog who needs to have a job, no matter how
small.  The German Shepherd is good with children, other dogs and small
pets, when socialized properly.  He is energetic and loves to please.

The German Shepherd is NOT:

Not low energy, not a kennel or backyard dog, not able to thrive when
neglected or left alone for hours on end.  He is not able to thrive without
training and rules and he is definitely NOT a fur-kid!
Training the German Shepherd Dog - coming soon!
Feeding the German Shepherd Dog
about German Shepherds, ask me.  When you want to know about training
dogs, ask me.  I am not a specialist in dog nutrition.    I will send you to the
professionals for the facts.  I can however state that my dogs have never
looked so good or felt so good since feeding Royal Canin German
Shepherd 24.
This page is unfinished.  I am working on it as time permits.  Thank you for your patience.
Please click on the Royal Canin banner above to learn why we feed our dogs
only Royal Canin German Shepherd 24.  We feed and recommend Royal
video on how German Shepherds are nutritionally different than any other
breed.  Go to  
Then click on German Shepherd under the Video heading.

In this day and age of everybody having not only a premium dog food, but a
SUPER premium dog food, it is very difficult to tell which food is really the
best and which food
looks the best because of expensive advertising.  Just
because a food is expensive does not mean it is good. (Unfortunately)  There
are several brands out there that rely on the reputation they gained several
years earlier when "premium" food was just starting out.  Today, they are a
poor example of what a truly great dog food should be.  

We recommend Royal Canin Puppy  32 and German Shepherd 24.
Come back here often for updates!
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