Pedigree: Isis Vom Haus Marcellus Pedigree for Isis Vom Haus Marcellus
German Shepherd

Pedigree of Isis Vom Haus Marcellus DN11632704
German Shepherd Dog Female BLK
Date Whelped 08/03/2005

Hawk vom Ochoa
Olf Van Rowey (BEL) SchH3 IP3
Killroy von Tegelhous IP3
Lady von Muikenshof (BEL) IP2
Venos Vom Kuhnhof
Addi Von Den Tonteichen (GER)
Nasra von Malatesta (WGR)
Reitz Von Der Sonnenschein
Cliff vom Grenzgagner (GER)
Blacky vom Neuen Lande
Fee Am Pilgerbach
Reza vom Sharwachter (BEL)
Karlo vom Peko Haus
Mara vom Peko Haus

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Isis at 8 months
Isis was purchased as a 10 week old puppy from Czech
bloodlines and I have never been disappointed.  I had
originally intended to breed her to Justice but that was
not to be.  Justice  left this earth far to early on May 27th
2006.  Plans for Isis changed and she was bred to Diesel,
a Justice son and gave me four beautiful litters.   

She is very smart, brave and loves people.  She gets
along great with the other dogs.  So much so, that I
sometimes need to separate them to give them all a rest!

Isis was born on August 3, 2003.  She is registered with  
both The Canadian Kennel Club and The American
Kennel Club.

As of December 2016 she is still going strong and lives a
retired life of luxury.
Isis Vom Haus Marcellus is a great grand-daughter to the 1989 WUSV SIEGER Fado Von Karthago!

Fado Von Karthago sz 1659724 SchH3 (V-WUSV-SEIGER) FH IP3 Kkl 1
ISIS    (pronounced eye-sis) Goddess of Fertility
Isis @ 16 months
Isis Diary entry -  As Isis gets older, she just gets better!  She is almost two now and has
turned out to be everything I hoped for and more.  Could she be a Service Dog?  Absolutely!  
Could she be a competition dog?  No doubt about it!  

Last week, we took her to the town site of Banff, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  They
were tearing up the main street of town and there was temporary fencing along the curb to
prevent people from going on the roadway.  This made a very tight tunnel effect along the
busy sidewalks.  Just on the other side of the fence were huge machines making all kinds of
noise.  Isis took the situation like the trooper she is.  Time after time, she would get jostled by
the numbers of people going by.  When we stopped at a small cafe for some ice coffee, she
was SWARMED by people wanting to pat her!  I finally had to give her a break and put her
underneath the table where most people couldn't see her!  She was such a good girl!  Being
able to live on a farm, and then be just as comfortable in a setting like that is a real tribute to
her.  I'm so proud of her!  

Below is my first attempt at a short video of Isis in Banff.  I hope you enjoy it.   The sounds of
the machines are not enhanced in any way.  She just ignored it all and kept right on going.  
Playing at the river!
23 months old
Isis; ever vigilant!  
Poor girl, every time someone into
the river to go save them!  We
finally had to stop going under so
she wouldn't exhaust herself!
Turn up your sound!  
Isis with her first litter.
December 3, 2007
How time flies!  My girl is now four years old!  She has definitely become my defender!  She has taken to
me and can't wait to please!  She has also become a very good mother.  Her previous litter has grown
up to be absolutely GORGEOUS dogs, with brains to match!  Please see my
Reference page for
comments by owners.  She passes on her stable temperament and tremendous agility.  Besides being
personal family protectors, some of her pups have gone into Search & Rescue, Therapy, drug detection
and family pets to police.  The police want specific dogs for their families.  They are well acquainted with
the dogs on patrol and desire the look and intelligence of a working German Shepherd.  However, they
also know that the dogs that are out on patrol are usually "more dog" than most families can manage.  
They want a dog that will protect their family from what they deal with on a day to day basis but also one
who will play gently with their 1 year old child.  This is where GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS excels!  The
confirmation, brains and temperament of a solid working line GSD without the aggression!  I have
worked long and hard to produce a working line German Shepherd that almost anyone can own.  Right
down to the first time dog owner.  Isis pups have proven they can do it all, over and over again!  Isis is
a fantastic dog and I look forward to creating more memories with her
An Isis puppy caring for his
charge.  Cooper is owned by a
Calgary police officer
Cooper - an Isis puppy
Isis at two years old