Below is a picture of Justice the day before he died.
Justice was 9 years old.  He was still very active and
loved showing off at my club.  He will be missed not
only by my family but by many people.  He truly had his
own fan club.  There wasn't a single thing I would have
changed about him.  He was the perfect dog.  We miss
you buddy...
Justice was born April 19, 1997.  He was a son of Shaolin's Guardian Angel and
V1-Vedor vom Wildesteiger Land.  Vedor was one of Germany's top 50 producers!  
Angel was a Certified Therapy Dog and had several obedience titles. Justice weighs
Justice was "Mr. Dark Blue".  He was the first born, and the largest!  He is an
all-around dog just like his mother was.  He is my demonstration dog at
Eagle Hill
Obedience Club
and he has several obedience and performance titles to his name.   He is a
wonderful sire and stamps his sons and daughters with the same easy going
temperament as well as his good looks.

Justice has several obedience titles as well as his Canine Good Neighbour title.  
This proves that his temperament is flawless.  There just isn't a better dog than
Justice.  I'm very proud of him.
My beautiful boy!
Two High in Class ribbons & his Companion Dog Obedience Title in one day!
Justice's litter in 1997.
I can protect too!
A Good Bye Kiss
It is with incredible sadness, I have to tell you that my beautiful Justice has
gone across the rainbow bridge.  He died May 26th  of a twisted intestine.  
A freak accident that happened while I was away from the house for a few
hours.  When I returned, I could tell there was something very wrong and
rushed him to the vet.  He died before we arrived.  Words cannot express
my sorrow.  He leaves his wonderful son, Diesel, to carry on...
Justice received TWO High in Class
Companion Dog obedience title in
ONE day!!  A record breaking dog!