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So it's official!  I have a blog!  That's good news for all my Guardian Angel friends!  Instead of checking back here everyday to find updates,
you can sign up as a follower and get email notices when there has been anything new added!  No more checking back day after day to find
nothings changed!  

Please visit my new blog at
http://guardianangelshepherds.blogspot.com/  and sign up as a follower.  You must also add your email address
in the spot provided if you want to receive an email notification of an update.  All emails will be kept private and you will not receive
unsolicited messages.

Yahoo!  This is going to be fun!  Please tell all your friends and families to come along for the ride!  You never know what's going to happen
when you live with 9 German Shepherds!!
Come back here often for updates!
Can you guess?
Adult and trained dogs for sale
The differences between working Shepherds and show Shepherds
Angels with their new families
Where you can find my contract, questionnaire and some tributes