information carefully and give lots of thought into whether a particular dog is right for your situation.  I
want to find these dogs their "forever home".   You can call me for more information at 403 556-3635 or
Email Me
Jasper is a sable German Shepherd.   Jasper was raised with too much love and not enough leadership.  He was raised with two
daughters ages 5 & 7 whom he adored.  Jasper needs someone who can be a strong leader.  He was raised without guidelines, rules or
consequences.  He since has had one month of professional training and is coming along very well.  He still has a few issues when first
meeting new people or new dogs.  A firm NO and "Sit" is all he needs to accept the newcomer.  These issues will fade with a little more
practice.  Jasper can go to a home with children but no small pets.  He is a very gentle, loving dog who needs a "forever home".  He is
neutered, house-broken, crate trained and comes with up-to-date shots.  He is 18 months old.  Price $3500
Guard Dog for Sale

Beau is a sable German Shepherd.    He is a very well trained dog and has participated in agility, obedience and tracking.   Beau would
be happy on a farm or protecting commercial property.  He is not suited for a family with children or in a situation where he has to meet
strangers.  He gets along well with small dogs.   Beau  will only go to someone who will care for him properly and who will have regular
contact with him daily.  He is not going to become a "junk yard dog".  He needs someone who can spend some time playing and
interacting with him as he is a very good natured dog to those he knows.  Beau's ears never stood up due to the fact he had ear infections
as a puppy.  He does not have any  health problems now.  He is neutered,  house-broken, crate trained  and comes with up to date
shots.  Price is $3500
Chassis is looking for a new home.  She is a Guardian Angel Shepherd which came back to me
because her owner became very ill.  She has been here, in training, since October and is doing
very well.  She is three years old, already spayed and is housebroken, crate trained and knows all
her basic obedience commands and a few more.  She is a very gentle dog, much like her sister
can hike for hours or just lie by the fire.  And not to mention she's absolutely stunning to look at!  If
she wasn't spayed, I'd keep her myself.  If you are looking for d dog that doesn't jump, comes
when called, plays fetch, doesn't pull on the leash.  She's perfect.  Dogs like this don't just appear,
they are made.  Her owner did a great job with her and I have put on some finishing touches.  Are
you the perfect partner for Chassis?  Price is $6000  Contact me at
Three years old
Liesel was named after the young girl from the movie "Sound of Music".  Liesel is NOT a Guardian
background than most of us are used to.

Liesel belonged to Mike.  Mike and Liesel were best friends and partners.  Mike used to operate a
crane but got tired of city life and left it all behind to live a quiet life in the mountains of BC.  He had
a cabin, a truck and a dog.  That's it.  No phone, no electricity, no running water.  Liesel and Mike
lived happily in the mountains together for 2 years until Mike got sick.  Mike and Liesel moved to
Red Deer where there was medical help and family.  Liesel had some adapting to do but as long
as Mike was there, she was happy.  Then Mike got some bad news.  The worst news a person
could get.  He had to find his best friend a new home as his family was unable to keep her.  Not
knowing anyone in Red Deer, he tearfully had to leave Liesel behind at the SPCA.  He left a long
(and incredibly sad) letter to go along with her so everyone would know what  a wonderful dog
she was.  Apparently she charged a cougar and a few bears to protect Mike from them.  She was
laying down her life for her partner.  I can't even imagine how Mike felt as he left her at the SPCA.  
Liesel was terrified.  She had never been separated from Mike before.  She was surrounded by
strange people and barking dogs.  She was terrified.  She reacted in the only way she knew how.  
She showed her teeth.  She was there for three days and while she was there, she befriended one
of the staff.  The woman knew that Liesel was not mean, only scared, but they could not adopt her
out because she showed her teeth.  That's when they called me.  

Liesel has been in training for a month now.  She feels comfortable here and is doing very well
with her training.  I have taken her to town many times and she listens very well.   She needs to go
to someone who feels confident around dogs as she needs to draw her courage from that person
to start with.  Once she becomes comfortable in her new surroundings, she is a very confident
and outgoing girl.  She just needs a little time to adapt.  I would not recommend this dog to
someone with small children (under 8 years old) as she has only known older children.    She
loves fetch and tug-of-war and can't wait to please.  

If you think you would be a perfect partner for Liesel, her price is $1500.  That price will increase
by $1000/month as her training progresses to a maximum of $3500.  She is NOT a Guardian Angel
Shepherd.  If you don't mind a nice dog with a few quirks (eg. she will still steal from the
countertop occassionally etc.) then now is the time to get her.  If you want all the quirks gone, give
me another month or two.  I'd like to be able to tell her family that she has found herself a
wonderful forever home.

I've posted some more pictures of Liesel here.    GUARDIAN ANGEL ALBUMS    Enjoy!
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