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Grandma Angel having a
heart to heart with Diesel
Have you ever seen a German Shepherd working?  I believe it is one of the most beautiful sites in
the world.  Man & dog, working together towards a common goal.  It could be a Search & Rescue
team searching a disaster area, or a Therapy Dog giving kisses to terminally ill children.  Maybe it's
the family pet accompanying his child to the store.   It doesn't really matter what it is.  It is a site you
will never forget.

I want to create more of those scenes.  

In 1991, I finally found my perfect girl.  It took me nearly 20 years in the dog industry to find just what I
wanted.  Her name was "Guardian Angel".   And an Angel she was.  The perfect combination of
bloodlines, brains and looks.  She achieved several obedience titles, did demonstrations at
elementary schools and at my obedience club, attained her official Therapy Dog status and was an
all-around talented dog.  I believe she could have done anything that she put her mind to.  My
kennel is named after her.

I used to be able to say "Four generations on site as well as both parents." It saddens me to say that
"Grandma Angel" has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at 14 1/2 years old.  For all those lucky
enough to meet her, you know she will be very sadly missed.   A donation in her name was made by
Olds Pioneer Veterinary Clinic towards research in companion animal care.  Thank you everyone!

Shaolin's Guardian Angel 1991 - 2005  
Guardian Angel's True Justice 1997-2006
Diesel Vom Haus Marcellus 2003-2012
We are located near Olds, Alberta, Canada and are
very proud to produce the BEST
German Shepherd for your needs!  .

Our dogs are all house-dogs, NO kennel raised dogs at Guardian Angel Shepherds.  

We breed for temperament first but our dogs can work or play all day!  Sound in body and mind.  All
of my puppies have gone on to become Search & Rescue dogs, Therapy Dogs, Competition Dogs or
valued family protectors.  A true credit to their beautiful breed.

Everyone needs a GUARDIAN ANGEL!
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Angel at the age of 14,
babysitting her Granddaughter
And ah one, and ah two,
and ah three...
We miss you all!
Mary Ann Marcellus is a professional dog trainer as well as a breeder.  By combining her
knowledge of dogs as a trainer and as a breeder, she can provide you with the best dog for
your needs.  

Mary Ann has trained dogs for over 30 years and owns her own training centre which she
founded in 1992.  She is the head-trainer for EAGLE HILL OBEDIENCE CLUB & Kennel
Unlike most trainers and breeders, this is Mary
Ann's full-time job and passion.

Continuing  education is a priority for Mary Ann.  Books, DVDs, Audios & Seminars keep
Mary Ann on top of the ever changing dog world.  She has travelled throughout Canada and
the U.S. to attend talks, seminars and clinics given by the world's top behaviourists, breeders
& veterinarians.  "Education is the key to success!"

Teaching is something that comes naturally to Mary Ann.  Her quiet and consistent ways with
the dogs are also felt by her clients.  "Mary Ann is a wonderful teacher!  Very patient and
understanding.  She'll work with you until you understand it.  She's wonderful!"  "Mary Ann is
very approachable.  She never makes you feel badly and is always there with encouraging

As well as instructing at her club, Mary Ann teaches the Animal Health Technicians at Olds
College.  The AHT students are assigned individual dogs as part of their learning experience.  
Mary Ann teaches the students dog behaviour, psychology and obedience so that they have
hands-on experience before leaving college.  This practical knowledge gives them a
head-start in their profession.  It has been a wonderful success story for both students and
animals.  The dogs are obtained from local humane societies and rescue shelters.  The dogs
are spayed/neutered, vet checked and trained by the students and are then adopted out to
new families.  Imagine!  It's a win-win-win situation! Students, owners & dogs!

Highlights in Mary Ann's career always involve helping dogs, help people.  Mary Ann has
been involved with placing service dogs from Hearing Ear Dogs in Colorado, training
Karelian Bear Dogs to keep Polar Bears & Grizzlies out of Northern oil installations and
Environmental Impact Lodges as well as training Therapy & Service Dogs.  

Mary Ann is always surrounded by her personal pack of German Shepherds.  The pack
consists of Kahlua (Grandma), Merlin, Isis, Indy, Liberty, and Ebony.  Diesel & Timber live with
her adult children but are close by for those who want to see them.  All the dogs live in the
house with her but also have numerous large outside yards to run and play in safety.  Mary
Ann does not believe in raising dogs in kennels and isolation from one another.  Her pack
lives as nature intended; together.  

Mary Ann is a member in good standing of The Canadian Association of Professional Pet
Dog Trainers, The German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada and The Canadian Kennel
A watercolor of my beautiful
"Justice".  Gone but never
forgotten.  You leave behind your
wonderful sons and daughters to
carry on.  
When it comes time to pick your cute, cuddly ball of fur, I will make sure that the puppy that goes
home with you is exactly what you were looking for.  I will also  provide a free Puppy Kindergarten
Course with every puppy!  What better way to get started than that!  

My dogs stand head-and-shoulders above the rest because I feel that the dogs not only need to
look good, but must be able to DO something as well.  That's why so many of my dogs go into
Search & Rescue, Service and Therapy Dog programs.  I only compete in Obedience trials.  I do
not show my dogs in conformation because it would be a waste of time.  Most North American
judges are looking for over-angulated, light boned dogs.  Mine do not resemble that description
in any way.  (Please see Work vs Show page)

If you would like a Canine Partner for Life, you've come to the right place.
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