Reference Letters

Dear Potential “Angel” Buyer:

If you want a strong, spirited and vigorous Shepherd…buy a Guardian Angel!!! My husband
and I purchased a puppy from MaryAnn in October 2005 and have had nothing but great
experiences with both Lexx (our puppy) and MaryAnn.

We purchased a German Shepherd because my husband works shift-work and we wanted a
guard dog for the nights when I’m home alone. Lexx is a very smart dog and quite quickly
took it upon himself to make sure that “no one comes near mom unless I say so!!!” While he’
s very protective, he is still very gentle, cuddly and loving. Lexx immediately began to learn
“sit”, “down” and “stay” from our older Shepherd and I very much look forward to expanding
that obedience training in the new year.

MaryAnn is very knowledgeable about the growth and training of a Shepherd; when we came
to pick up Lexx, we had a whole list of ‘instructions’ before we even left her house!!! Every
question or concern that I’ve ever emailed to MaryAnn, she has quickly responded with an
answer…and she’s always right!

So if you are looking for a dedicated, intelligent and vigilant Shepherd (that still LOVES to
cuddle in the morning), I highly recommend that you buy a Guardian Angel! You’ll be glad you


Brandi Seutter

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my complete and utter pleasure to recommend Mary Ann Marcellus and Guardian
Angel Shepherds to anyone who is considering adding a German Shepherd puppy to their

This year, after years of downtown living, I moved to the edge of the city and to an
environment that was conducive for getting a German Shepherd puppy I had been thinking
about for quite a few years.  We had grown up with a German Shepherd at my family
home and she had the most wonderful temperament – I knew that this was the breed of
dog I wanted to have in my own home.

After much research including surfing the web and talking to people, I was led to Mary
Ann and Guardian Angel Shepherds.  After some initial emails and conversations, I made
the trip to Olds to see the new litter of Justice and Kahlua and to talk further about my
acquiring one of the puppies.

When you first visit Guardian Angel Shepherds, you will be left with no doubt that Mary
Ann is 100% devoted to her canine family and that she is extremely diligent about
determining who is going to get one of her puppies.  There is a pretty thorough screening
process including an extensive questionnaire which Mary Ann uses not only to determine
the suitability of the person for adopting one of her puppies but also to determine which
puppy is best suited for each person she approves.  

Mary Ann invests an extraordinary amount of time in monitoring and recording the
behaviour and personality characteristics of each puppy in the 8 weeks after they are
born.  It is through this process that Mary Ann determined that ‘Light Green’ was going to
be the best dog for my lifestyle.  She couldn’t have been more right – ‘Light Green’ is now
called Shiloh and I can tell you that I could not imagine her not being a part of my
household. From the moment I picked her up, she exhibited the most delightful personality
and is truly a joyful dog, well-adjusted dog.

I found that the guidance and advice that Mary Ann gave me was invaluable.  She sends
you on your way armed with a wealth of information and guidance and I was able to check
with her about any questions I had – they were many at the beginning!

If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd puppy, look no further!  From my
personal experience, I can assure you that by dealing with Guardian Angel Shepherds,
you are dealing with a company and individuals who are devoted to promoting and raising
happy and healthy dogs.

If you would like to ask me questions about my experience, please feel free to contact me.


Debra R. Lamb

Our attention was brought to Guardian Angel Shepherds when we first saw a picture of two
magnificent German Shepherd Dogs on the internet.  We were looking for a GSD puppy from
a European line at the time and couldn't believe our luck when we found out that these two
beautiful dogs were the parents of a new litter of 10!

We were very impressed by the professional way that Mary-Ann of Guardian Angel
Shepherds handled the whole transaction.  There was absolutely no commitment made by
either party until both were satisfied that 1) the puppy was right for us; and 2) we were right
for the puppy.  After a pretty thorough questionnaire and personal meeting; it was Mary-Ann
who would determine which puppy (if any) that we would be best suited with.  Not only did
we meet the parents of this litter, but we were also fortunate to meet "Angel", the

It really wasn't until we had had the puppy for a few weeks, that we realized just how
important that decision really was.  We were eventually matched up with a wonderful black
and tan puppy, whom we named "Ruger".  Mary-Ann had carefully taken into consideration
that we had a large property that could handle a high-energy dog, that we were looking not
only for a companion but for a protector; and the fact that we had no children.  Ruger has
turned out to be a perfect match.

Even though Ruger is only 18 weeks old, he has shown to us that he is capable of being the
dog we want and more.  With some formal training, we are looking forward to bringing out
the attributes that this generation of GSD has to offer.

Our biggest thanks go out to Mary-Ann and Guardian Angel Shepherds for bringing Ruger to
our family.

Kim & Phil Hornsby
Hi Mary Ann

Just want to tell you how Zena is doing, she is the dog I was looking for always stays close
and is a great companion and so smart, I have never had a dog that was as easy to train.

She had her spay surgery last month without any problems. I got the books you
recommended lots of good information there.   

I took your advice and got her a big crate it was hard at first to lock her up when she couldn't
go with me but it works.   She now takes naps and sleeps in it at night with the door open.

One other thing that is different about Zena is that she seems to really trust me, she allows
me to examine her paws and ears without a struggle must be due to the start you gave her. I
am sending a picture it's not very good but will get you a better one.

Hi Mary Ann,
We made it safe and sound with no vomit or bathroom accidents! Chassis travelled
quietly and when she would start to fuss a bit, We would take a potty break. She would
pee right away and then we would be right back on the road for another couple of hours.
Pretty amazing for a 7 week old! She had a good supper when we got home and has been
having a grand time exploring and greeting everything around here since. We are all so
impressed with how you have raised her so far! so relaxed and confident.
I'll keep you posted on the next few weeks.
Thanks for everything!!
The following is an email I received from a
brand new puppy owner after an 8 hour trip
home with her new pup.
49 Cimarron Meadows Road
Okotoks, AB, T1S 1T6

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of recommendation for Mary Ann and
Guardian Angel Shepherds.

Three years after the passing of our previous shepherd, we started to consider another
dog. We knew we wanted a shepherd but as I was a home care provider for 6 children
plus our own daughter, we knew we had to be extremely careful about the dog we
brought home. Our research brought us to Mary Ann’s web site and we were impressed
with her knowledge, training abilities and obvious love of her animals.
After several emails we had a visit with Mary Ann, at this visit we learned so much about
what a good breeder and trainer could do to prepare our future puppy for our home. We
were somewhat surprised with the extensive questionnaire and the fact that Mary Ann
herself would eventually pick out which puppy would be ours. Still our gut feeling told us
that Mary Ann would know exactly which puppy would have the temperament of both
being gentle, but still a guardian for our family.

On May 15th 2006 we brought Jake home. He is the delight Mary Ann promised us and
was, after only 2 weeks already obeying several commands. We truly believe that Jake’
s intelligence is not only from his breeding but also the excellent start Mary Ann
provides right from the puppies’ birth.

Jake is now 3 and a half months old and a pleasure to have in our home. He’s gentle
with the children, yet alerts us to people on the other side of our high fence. Our family
now gets a lot of exercise, which is rewarded by a calm, relaxed puppy until his next
scheduled exercise time.

Hazel, Mark and Katie Gray
"Jake" Gray
3 1/2 months
"Ruger" Hornsby
"Lexx" Seutter
"Shiloh" Lamb
Hi Mary Ann  

It has been to long since I sent an update on Zena she is a year old

She is a beautiful  well behaved dog and is a better companion than
I had imagined she would be. I don't know how you do it but she is
exactly the type of dog I told you I was looking for. Thanks again and
keep up the good work.

Hi MaryAnn,  

Here's a picture of Ulla.  Haven't talked to you in a while and wanted to let you know how
well she is doing.  She is growing up so nicely and getting a bit calmer each day.  We are
going to school at Petsmart, it's easier for me to go to someone in the city.  I had gone to
our previous trainer for basic obedience but she was having lots of cancellations so I
switched to Petsmart.  I like their concept of training; they teach you the lesson in the
training room and then you go out into the store and practice out in all the distractions of
food, toys, cats, birds, people and all the other dogs that people bring into the store.  We
are in intermediate training level now and she's doing well.  She is a quick learner and
loves to learn.  

And you wouldn't believe (you probably would!) all the compliments we get on her.  She is
such a beautiful dog. And can she ever jump, straight up into the air! At the rig she knows
how to open the door.  It has one of the bars at waist level and she stands up and hits it
with her front feet.  The other day we sent the medics dog outside and I locked the door
just before Ulla came running after her.  She jumped up with all 4 feet as high as the bar.  
She is like a gazelle.  When she has her obedience lessons well learned, I am
contemplating agility.  She is fast and very agile. She's a wonderful dog and we are so
thankful that we have her.  We are having such fun with her. Just wanted to let you know
how's she's is doing and that we are so happy with her.  

Susan and John Barker
Ulla's First Birthday!

We would highly recommend adding a new family member from
Guardian Angel Shepherds.  The entire process was handled in a
professional manner.  We were updated on the growth of our puppies
and we were matched with the perfect puppy for our family.

We have had many compliments about our puppy from strangers we
have met at various parks, stores etc.  We have told everyone where
she came from and would recommend Guardian Angel Shepherds to
anyone looking to add a shepherd to the family.

The Bakers
Hello , just wanted to touch base. Our Indie has really become one of us,
she is just like family, she cracks me up. She listens real well to all of us,
but she is definitely Donna's girl. She has been nothing but amusing
because she is so smart. With her puppy like attitude she has done next
to nothing for damage , as she loves to pack our boots to the steps for
you after you have taken them off and when you leave you can get her to
pick it up and bring it to the door if you just ask, I swear she understands
English better than most kids. We just love her to death, our vet says
she is incredibly healthy and loves going there , she appears to feel no
pain and when she gets her shots she does not even flinch. She always
ask now to go out to go to the bathroom and she is so polite about it that
sometimes I miss her asking and we have had the odd mess , but for a
young girl of 4 months and 2 weeks she is awesome, at the rate she is
going we expect to have her cooking and typing by the time she is
2...hahahaha, it sure does feel that way. She is so kind, a little ramy with
the other 2 little dogs but she is finding the tolerance level quite quickly.
Indie is family , you sure do know how to pick for families, she is
everything I would want in a dog and that goes double for Donna.

Thank you Ken Iredale
Hi MaryAnne,

I just thought I would get in touch with you and send a new picture of
Ulla.  She is a wonderful dog and so much fun.  She is a “girly” dog John
says; she likes to have her nails painted and be told how pretty they are
and when the hairdryer  is going she is right there for a bit of blowdry.
And on the other hand she shows her presence, no one will walk in the
door without us giving permission to her to accept them and then they
can come in.  The meter readers never go in the yard without ringing
the bell first. Nobody goes into our backyard if we aren’t there.  I feel
totally protected with her around, she sleeps beside my side of the bed,
and loves to be right with you all day long.  She is my travelling
companion when we are driving and again, I feel totally protected.  And
then on the other hand she loves her “babies” (stuffed animals) and
will run and jump and play with them just like a little puppy. We are told
by many what a beautiful dog she is!  

Now you have had many puppies over the years and I am sure they are
all as wonderful as Ulla and I wanted to send a little note of
congratulations to you for breeding such great dogs. Looking at the
Family album shows what gorgeous dogs they are. Anyone that has one
should consider themselves lucky. I know I do! We’re so thankful to
have her in our life.

Have a Merry Christmas and good luck with the next litter!  

Susan and John Barker
Mary Ann

It is been awhile since I have written but I am a regular visitor at
your web site to keep up to date with the news and check out the
pictures. If you weren’t five hundred miles away I would visit to meet
your dogs especially Diesel and Indy. I think Zena would have been very
much like Indy. I got my first purebred german shepherd 18 years ago
and have had three more since then, not a very good record. My first
got cancer at eight years the second at only six then there was Zena
and now Ruger. I loved every one of them but Zena was special. From
the moment she stepped out of the crate we where best friends I can’t
put it into words there was just something special that I think was a
once in a life time experience. Although she has been gone for over
two years now I still think of her almost every day. The statement on
your home page - this will be the dog by which you judge all others is
very true for me.

Thanks for your time I know you are going to get really busy in the next
few days. Best of luck to you and Indy with the litter.

Note:  Zena was tragically killed by a car two years ago.  Unfortunately accidents happen
and sometimes there's no one to blame.  Brian now has a new Guardian Angel
Just got back from my 6 week Obedience and Master Trainer Course and
quite a nose on her!  Although dubbed the “Cadaver” dog, as she liked
to find any furry bodies along her tracking course, this was in part due to
her ease on the course and deciding that she could follow the track and
find small beasties at the same time. By the end of the 3 weeks of
tracking, she flew through her industrial track (little to no grass on
concrete, crossing roads with traffic constantly passing) with ease.  She
did equally well in her drug searching portion where I learned that
trusting her (staying out of her way) and letting her work was the key to
everything we did in this course.  As for the Personal Protection portion
of the course, she was truly a natural!  The dogs are pre-tested to see
what category they fall into ie: no protection; bluff dog; personal
protection; attack; running attack etc.  In our group there were mostly
shepherds and shepherd crosses and she was immediately rated as the
one who could go through all phases of protection work right off the
mark. These types of dogs are highly regarded for protection and police
work.  Although I’m sorry that she had to leave her original home, I’m
thrilled that she was able to become part of our family.

Here's a couple of pictures enjoying her new family.

A few of the many letters I've received from Guardian Angel Shepherd owners:
Hi Mary Ann,

I'll burn you a photo cd, and make a point of seeing you soon. Of course
please do share them. I can't wait for you to see him, and see him work.
Ron didn't before he passed....I think he'd very proud too. His overall
abilities even amaze me. I used an 'overlapping'  technique. Meaning,
he was introduced to SAR sims, UD scent and evidence search articles
while he was still very young, doing Basic Puppy. Before he completed a
CD level, he was working on CX retrieving and hand signals. And so on.
Lot's of socializing , a little protection test or two, a mock CD trial. All
before he was 8 months old. Wonderful temperament! He can go from
hanging out with buddies kids one minute, to a SAR dog  or perform
Police dog duties in a nano second. Have I got stories for you!!. You
must come into Olds 2nd weekend in June during the Ride for Sight
weekend. We'll be "On Duty" patrolling and performing security
functions, again this year. Hey... what a great forum for a full blown K9
demo?? Hmm...Ill see what the organizers say.

Hi Mary-Ann:  I'm writing to you because I'm not sure where else to turn
and with your tremendous experience I'm hoping you can help us out.
Kandie who is now 4 years old is a beautiful dog and our pride and joy and
we are so happy we got her from you.  We had no trouble training her.  
She's an absolute pleasure.  We wanted another german shepherd and so
looked again at your website and saw you had an extensive wait list so
looked elsewhere.  
In hindsight a big mistake.  We got another pure bred
shepherd from a breeder who has now moved to New Brunswick and
we're sorry to say we were not impressed.  Anyhow, her name is Rover and
she was born 5 March 09 so just over 6 months old.  We've had her since
the first week of May.  She ended up with a bad gastroenteritis after the
first month then a bladder infection so had some set backs.  I've taken her
to petsmart for dog lessons for which she did really well other than
barking at a few dogs for the first few minutes with which the trainer
believed she just wanted to play.  We just finished that group of lessons 2
weeks ago before she was spade.  Here's the big problem.  Each time she
has to poop or has pooped she becomes very aggressive and wants to
bite your ankles.  We've used bitter apple which seems to phase her a
little and stop, however since she's been spade, her episodes of wanting
to bite have increased.  I try and have her go through her sitting, down
exercises, etc which seems to calm her down a bit but many times its
wrestle her to the ground, try and keep her pinned until she realizes who
is boss and by then we're battered and bruised which seems to be a
necessary evil but it doesn't stop. We have also had a problem with her
playing too rough with Kandie. She'll latch onto the back of her neck and
bite hard and not let go. As a result I purchased a soft nylon mussel which
I put on her when they are outside for short play sessions so Kandie does
not get hurt hoping Roxi would get the message.  Kandie is very good at
pinning her to the ground to show her dominance over her.  We have had
to block off the kitchen to have her spend her time there when we're not
home because she gets so very excited around the other 2-Kandie and
our 8 year old shepherd cross that she tries to jump on them and they
don't want anything to do with it.  Kandie tries to protect the older dog,
growling etc ensues.  I have had Rover on a leash in the living room, have
her sit in front of the others etc but the excitement factor seems to be too
high and the others take off.  At night she stays in her kennel outside our
room where we are in full view.  Kandie sleeps on her bed only about a
foot away when she hasn't jumped up on the bed with us. It is very clear to
us that Rover would be perfect for a one dog family that doesn't have
small children. I'm hoping it doesn't come to having to find another home
however that is something we may have to consider.   When she is in the
house and the others are outside she is a perfect dog.  We walk her by
herself 2-3 times a day until very tired, she has no problems with meeting
people in the street. She likes to bark at the occasional other dog that
passes, but still working on that. I don't know if you have any suggestions
on how we can better manage her biting but we're at a total loss and really
want her integrated with the others but I'm not sure how realistic that is.  
I'm now trying short periods of time with just Kandie and Rover together
while Sarah is outside but they only last about 10-15 minutes before the
play becomes rough and once again Rover tries to bite too hard on
Kandie's neck.  We would really appreciate any insight or suggestions you
may have.  We still live in XXXX which is about 3 hours away. Please let us
know what you think or if you have any suggestions on how to help us.
Thanks xxxx and xxx
The following is an email I received from a family who adopted one of my
dogs 4 years ago.  The names have been changed to protect the
innocent.   I do not put this letter on the internet to embarrass the
owners, far from it.  I feel very badly for them and have since talked to
them.  They talked about the possibility of putting the puppy down as the
aggression has become so bad.  I've agreed to take the pup for a month
of training to try and solve their problems.  

The reason I put this letter up is so that people can see that  being
patient and waiting for the right dog is essential.  Whether it be my dog
or someone else's.
Hi Mary Ann,

I know I’ve said it again and again but I have to say it again, thank you for
breeding and putting countless hours of work into raising your pups.
Everyday I think that Cai is such a great dog in so many ways.

As you know, we have a German Shepherd that was bred specifically for
police work. I have spent four solid years training her and working with her
to shape her into a suitable “house” dog and to be honest, it’s still a work
in progress! She will never lose some of what she has had ingrained into
her. I am looking forward to raising and training Cai and am sure that it will
be a completely different experience. Even now, as my husband gets ready
to go to work Cali gets all hyped up thinking she’s the one going to work!
Cai looks at her like “what is the big deal”. Although they’re both “working”
lines, they’re so different already. Cai will play play play and then when we’
re watching TV or I’m on the computer working, she will lay down beside
me. Cali is the opposite, she can’t sit through a half hour TV show, never
mind a movie!!!

Cai has a wonderful disposition and a real willingness to please. I am so
thankful that when she came to us she had never had a “bad” experience
and had never been reprimanded - she is very easy to train, despite being
the one with “attitude” in her litter! I’m happy and proud to train her with
positive methods. She is a pretty fearless pup and things that she is a bit
cautious of don’t take her long to overcome. We started up one of our
snowmobiles the other night and she wanted no part of being close to it.
With very little “work” she is now climbing up onto the machine when it’s
running! The other thing I am proud of her for is going outside at 12 weeks
old in the Arctic winds of 110km’s/hr and blowing snow to go to the
bathroom....when we were coming back inside the wind was pushing us
backwards, I was worried that it may have a negative effect on her asking
to go out again later - it didn’t she went right to the back door later asking
to go out. She has been a breeze to house break, despite getting her in
the dead of winter in the Arctic!

People had asked us “why we didn’t get to choose our puppy” I’ve
explained that you do “puppy testing” and match the dogs the best you can
to the most suitable families, depending on the persons experience, what
the dog is going to be doing etc. I am in favor of your methods and after
having been through your process and having had our pup for a few
weeks now, you do a wonderful job and clearly know what you’re doing.

In the past I’ve had police dog handlers ask people to contact me to ask
about my experience with Cali before buying one of their dogs. I’d be more
then happy to be a reference to you in the future should anyone want to
adopt one of your dogs. And please, if you have someone that thinks they’
d prefer a “police” bred dog over one of your dogs, give them my phone
number! As much as they are fantastic dogs and I love and adore Cali, they
are a lot of work and most people would have no idea the half of it.

Once again, thank you for the compassion and dedication that you put into
breeding your dogs. Breeders like you are few and far between.

Jennifer Werrell
How's this for a remote RCMP posting!
In from the cold!
Dear Mary Ann and Mark
happy Christmas and only good things in the New Year.
Star aka. Miss Red(Spirit ) is doing just swimmingly she is a beautiful
addition to our family. This coming Tuesday is her final puppy obedience
class and we fell pretty certain she will pass with flying colors.She is
absolutely wonderful in every way which speaks volumes about her
breeding and early life experiences  .Linda and I feel that we have a dog
that is limited only by our dreams and aspirations  .We could not be happier!
Like you we have been having computer challenges but hope very soon to
get some pictures of Star off to you.
We will keep in touch.
All the best of the season and thank you.
Rick Horsley and Linda Anton
Hi Maryann,

I don’t know where the time goes.  Gypsy just turned 2 yesterday, so I thought I’d
send you a couple of new photo’s taken in the last few weeks.  As you probably
already know, it’s so difficult getting a good shot of an all black dog.  These turned
out quite good though.

She’s doing really well, we just love her.  She is such a great companion.  I know
you are really busy as I’ve been reading  your website. So, don’t worry if you don’t
have time to write back.

Take Care!

Joanne and Kim Larsen

dog came up to Vigo and his sister Mescha.  The dog was acting quite aggressively towards
Mescha for some reason and Vigo got in between them and told the other dog where to go.  We
were very impressed....he's not aggressive or dominant in any other way so to see him be so
protective like that was neat.
He is now 6 months and 68 pounds.  Mescha is 3 years and only 67 pounds.  She's still taller
and longer but Vigo is just solid.  
We couldn't be happier with Vigo!
Take care,

Meghan and Jack
Hi Maryann

We have been thinking about maybe adding to our pack with another shepherd. Ursus is now by
herself as we had to put the sharpei down due to medical reasons. We have talked about it but
havent committed just yet, if we do decide you would be our breeder of choice. We have been
praising you as the breeder in everything you have done for your dogs and the puppies, in the
care you give them to selecting the right pup for the right family. We love our dog and are so
proud of her temperment as well as her intellect. Thank you again. We will continue to visit your
site to see when you are expecting a new litter and will let you know when we are ready to add to
our pack.

Trudy & Al Blair

Kinga is doing so well and really is a treasure to have. I can’t believe how smart she is.

To anyone who is thinking of bringing in a German Shepherd puppy into their home Guardian
Angel Shepherds is the place to go. Mary Ann takes the utmost care and concern to making
sure you get the best puppy for your family. I was a little nervous about letting someone else
choose who would spend the next 15 years with us but it was the best thing we could have done
.Mary Ann watching and knowing those puppies better than anyone knew exactly the right dog for
our busy home. When she got to our house she fit in right away and could sit and lay down and
knew her name within 2 days I couldn’t believe it. She even was potty trained within 2 days. I
knew right away that we got a puppy from a home where they really take proper care of their
dogs and love doing what is best for them. I would definitely say if you are thinking of adding a
special little one into your life this is the way to go. Thank you so Mary Ann for always listening to
our concerns and being a wonderful resource to learn about and love our puppy.

Hope you enjoy the pictures I will continue to send updates and pictures as she grows.

Thank you so much for our special little girl.

Sarah Tisdall
Come back here often for updates!
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