Services We Provide
me from above the Arctic
Circle.  He was trained to
keep Grizzlies and Polar
Oilfield sites.  I have trained
several KBDs and am very
proud to say that one saved
the life of a worker from a
sow Grizzly with a cub!  Way
to go Kuivik!!!
At Guardian Angel Shepherds
we offer many services in conjunction with
Eagle Hill Obedience Club.  
Pick Up & Delivery                  ALL BREEDS WELCOME
Dog Taxi - to vet, groomers, airport etc.
Behavioural Counselling
Group Lessons
Private Lessons
We also offer specialty services -

Additional walks on our 160 acres of beautiful countryside.  

Convalescence -
Medication administrations
* Photonic Therapy  (needle-less acupuncture)
Structured rehabilitation activities

On Site Grooming by a professional  licensed all-breed groomer.  NEW !!   Hot Oil

Treats:   pig ears,  lg smoked beef bone  & dinosaur bones

*Photonic Therapy works like acupuncture but without the needles.  It relieves pain and
encourages the body to heal itself.  It causes the body to release natural endorphins (for pain
relief) and cortisone (for reduction in swelling).  It works for both recent and chronic
conditions.  A holistic approach to body renewal  Ask for the brochure for more details.
Dogs In Training
The More the Merrier!  
That's "
Molly" the Springer
Spaniel at the bottom!
You can now order

Pre-Trained Young Adult German Shepherds

In an effort to help homeless German Shepherds, I am taking
orders for young, trained German Shepherds.  I will rescue a
suitable dog for your individual situation (family, SAR, guard) and
train him/her according to your requirements.  I do not train attack
dogs.  Only well behaved family, SAR, guard and therapy dogs.  
your perfect dog.  Price for your well trained, dog partner is
"Radar" - an ex-RCMP Dog
Rio - an  ex-RCMP dog
"Beefy" - an Old English
Bulldog with a blue eye!  In
case you were wondering, He
has perfect sight in both eyes!
Well it is not just a wish anymore, it is reality!  Instead of boarding your
dog at the local kennel, why don't you have him come here for training
instead.  Your dog can even live in our house with the rest of the pack.  
No 4X10 kennel to live in.  Instead, your pet can lounge in the living room
after dinner and watch tv with the rest of the pack.  (We all watch "The
as his heart desires.  And mixed in with all that fun, will be some
educational material as well.

When you get back, your dog will have perfect house manners as well as
all the basic obedience that the average pet will ever need.

So while you're playing in the sun next time, let your dog enjoy his own
vacation and learn how to become a good partner as well!

Call or email for prices and availability.  
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