EHOC - True or False
My dog already knows sit, stay, etc.  He doesn't need to go to school. True or False?

FALSE!  Even though your dog may behave for you at home, it does not means he will
listen to you under distraction.  Dog classes are a perfect way to train your dog to
ignore distractions and pay attention to you no matter where he is or what is happening
around him.
Your dog should not start classes until he is six months old.  True or False?

FALSE!  Dogs have the capability of learning almost from the moment they are born.  By
the time they are 6 months old, they have learned hundreds of behaviours and some
can be not so good!  Take jumping up for instance.  I recommend starting your dog as
early as possible after they have had at least two sets of shots (usually about 3 months
of age).  That way we can PREVENT problems instead of having to fix them!
Dogs over 2 years old are too old for dog classes.  True of False?

FALSE!  Just like people, dogs can learn throughout their lives.  I once had an eleven
year old farm dog come to classes and he'd never even been on a leash before.  At the
end of the course, he was the star of the class!  He even got a standing ovation!
I missed Puppy Kindergarten.  That means I can't go to the Beginner's class.  True of

FALSE!  Although it would have been great to go to PK, sometimes time just slips away
and before you know it your dog is 6 months or older.  It is a great time to take things
under control and develop that special bond between your pet and yourself.  
Beginner's class is for dogs 6 months and up.
Puppies will grow out of their chewing stage.  True or False!

FALSE!  Behaviours like chewing, digging, and jumping are all instinctual behaviours for
dogs.  If your dog does not learn the alternative appropriate behaviours, these
destructive behaviours could last for your dogs entire lifetime.  
Dog classes are more than just solving problems.  True or False?

TRUE!  Dog classes not only teach your dog alternative behaviours that are suitable for
yourself and your family, but also teach YOU how to be a good leader, partner and
owner.  Your dog looks to you for direction.  Are you doing a good job for him?  Are you
teaching him in a way that is easy for him to understand?  Are you looking at things from
a dog's perspective so that you are fair 100% of the time?  Do you know what your dog
needs from you?  You will learn all this and much more,  when you come to class.  Do
yourself and your dog a favour, bring him to classes!
Long Down
Playing TOUCH!
Advanced Obedience!

Retreive over Jump
Start them young!